Uncharted Territory Season 4 - Chattanooga, TN

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Season 4 Tickets & Season Passes on Sale Now!
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Plus, the return of "The Discovery Gauntlet" - you gotta win it to stay in it! Winner returns next week to Uncharted Territory!

(All Tickets Will Be Held At The Door. Please Bring A Photo ID)

As confirmed first by Sports Illustrated, the fourth season of Uncharted Territory is underway!

The weekly series airs every Monday night live on IWTV at 8pm EST from the TWE Arena in Red Bank (Chattanooga), Tennessee.

Season Four will be branded as Southeast First: Uncharted Territory, and will feature stars of the southern scene including IWTV Independent Wrestling World Champion AC Mack, Adam Priest, Kevin Ku and Ashton Starr, plus an array of top talent from other regions of the country.

Southeast First: Uncharted Territory is scheduled for thirteen episodes, and will conclude days before the 2022 Scenic City Invitational tournament which will also stream live on IWTV from Chattanooga.

TWE Arena
4825 Dayton Blvd
Red Bank, TN 37415